Welcome to Grasp Fire

The Germanic tale Volsunga Saga, our hero Sigurd burns his finger on something cooking over fire, a significant part of the tale for those familiar, if not I won’t give it away but I encourage you to read.


In Greek legend, Prometheus is punished for giving fire to man in an awful way.


Norse cosmogony tells of fire meeting ice in the magically charged void Ginnungagap.


Fire has certainly long played a major role in the imaginations of man, and it’s no wonder why! Without it, man wouldn’t have been able to cook, stay warm, and protect himself.


In modern times, some forget the importance fire may have played, but thankfully it’s preserved for us in the tales of our ancestors.


My name is Mathew Michael Collins, and I invite you to take a journey with me. I have been writing since I was a child, and it’s my hopes that I might inspire others in some way, to write, make art, or better get through the day!


My first collection of poetry Grasp Fire is scheduled for publication April 30th, 2017! I will also be sharing blog writings, excerpts from stories I’ve written, or am working on, my love of nature photography, some art past and present. I have also included quotes that have inspired me on my way through life, as I’ve always found quotes very inspiring. Hopefully they can help you too, in some way!


So, sit by campfire with loved ones, in a dark room by yourself, or under the light of day, the biggest ball aflame yet known, and brace yourself to come on a journey with me, through words, art, and photographs of nature.



All-seeing eye
Nietzsche suggested if you stare too long into the void, it also stares into you



Glowing moon through branches
Glowing moon through branches




Cloudy sun
The beautiful glowing ball of fire in the sky, veiled behind clouds

Fire, in deepest void, met





Life sprang forth from the ancient void…

Pitch black, timeless, chaotic peace…

I can be reached by email at mathew@graspfire.commathewmichaelcollins.com where I house my nature photos, or potentially if you reach out your hand and concentrate really hard, but don’t hold your breath, deep breathing techniques may aid you in this quest if you should be so inclined to take it on.