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It’s finally happened! Today I clicked on Barnes & Noble, there is my first collection of poetry! Very awesome and strange to see it there! Thanks to everyone who helped make this come true!!! (Boris Dechovski; Sam Wilcox at, and Ahl at

UPDATE: As of 4/27/17 the official pre-sale date, Grasp Fire is also now available on Amazon


Subsistence: health is an incredibly important part of life. To be able to really enjoy ourselves to the fullest, it is a pretty good idea to maintain our
health in all aspects, albeit physical, mental, or emotional. It is my hope that through sharing this, I might be able to help some folks, in whatever way
that might manifest in this crazy world we live in.

It is all too easy to be consumed by the spiraling madness, what with working taking up so much of our valuable time here in Miðgarðr (

We have a family life to hopefully keep up with, whether that consists of invisible friends, real friends, those you think are real friends, actual blood
family, our animal companions, or whomever you may consider as your family.

I have led a pretty solitary existence, but certainly not without daily interactions with family in about every step of my life. Sometimes those pieces
that make up our family change, and it can drastically shake things up, for good or ill. Losing a family member, whether through actual death, or
through some misunderstanding getting in the way of our relationship for however long a time it does, is always a tragedy.

As humans though, we are highly resilient beings. We pick ourselves up, and dust ourselves off, ready to set out again on another adventure, until our
final scene of the play called life. Most folks have various ways to deal with that, but I won’t get into such serious matters here, yet at least. Never
underestimate your relationship with the family you had close to you, sometimes it’s hard for people to get over words said, or actions done.

Personally, I think it’s worth it to give up your pride in ego, and make amends whenever possible, if you realize that a relationship could be crucial to
your well-being. Other times, sadly, sometimes you have to let go. Of course ultimately, that is only for each and every person to decide on their own,
don’t ever let someone else tell you what to do, especially in such an important matter. Follow your heart, stay true to yourself, you will find your way,
somehow, eventually.

Now, on to physical health. In the past year, or maybe a little more, I have lost more than 60 pounds. I did this without lifting any weights, or getting on
a treadmill once. Instead, I have a little being that keeps me up and running. Mostly, I would say though, was an extreme change in diet. Initially, I
would have thought it impossible to completely cut out fast food and soda from my diet. That change alone I account for the great change in my
physical health, along with some runic yoga, dedication to meditative techniques, and strong willpower. Instead, I now cook each and every meal from

It sounds a lot harder than you might think. For me, I think the “trick” is to stay one meal ahead, or more if possible. It’s really not more expensive
either, fast food is quite costly, both monetarily, and for your health! Go out, get some vegetables, meats, spices, herbs, do a little research for some
quick, easy recipes, and you’re golden. I like to chop a bunch of vegetables or fruit at once, and put them in a giant ziploc baggie. Sometimes they go
directly in the freezer, like with grapes. Grapes are too expensive to have go bad in the refrigerator, when they can just as easily be frozen. If you don’t
like them being cold, run them under the faucet for a few seconds, they warm up rather quickly, or let them set out on your counter for a few minutes.
If you don’t mind them cold, grapes are one of the best fruits to freeze! Others, like apples, not so much, but thankfully apples have a pretty good
longevity for keeping in your fridge, counter, or pantry cupboard.

I did not cut meat out of my diet entirely, but I will say that I have cut down immensely. Here is what I mean. Instead of cooking one to one and a half
pounds of meat at once to make tacos, for example, I will instead cut my 1.5 pounds of ground beef into maybe five equal parts (or close to equal).
Instead of eating so much meat at once, I will mix it with various sorts of beans, bell pepper, potatoes, rice (not that often), and of course spices and
herbs (perhaps the seemingly trickiest part to getting flavourful foods).

Concerning spices/herbs, since I mention it, start simple. Find one or two that you like, say garlic powder and red pepper. Add a little, try it. If it’s not
enough, add some more (before taking your food out of the pan completely). It’s better if you use a spoon, sample a taste, then add accordingly. If you
keep your food in the pan before removing it, then you can stir the entire contents, ensuring that whatever spices or herbs you add won’t all be in one
clump (trust me, no matter what seasoning you use, you do not want it in one clump, no matter how much you might think you’ll enjoy it).

I have switched from drinking cow’s milk, to almond milk! It’s a little bit pricey (about twice the cost almost), but it’s supposed to be better for you. I
have also heard good things about goat milk, but I personally cannot attest to this. In my opinion, almond milk doesn’t even take any getting used to.
It doesn’t taste weird, like maybe powdered milk, if any of you have unfortunately attempted, I can’t stand it myself. Almond milk is natural, and if you
think it has a greater amount of sugar, look at your cow’s milk. You might be like me, surprised to find that there is sugar in cow’s milk! Perhaps I was
foolish, but it’s something that I hadn’t even considered.

Yogurt is a great staple in my diet. I prefer to add granola, various nuts like almond, pecans, etc., some dark chocolate, which is actually good for you
in reasonable amounts. Talk about making yogurt way better, than it already was. Now, that being said, I think you should also be careful in choosing
your yogurt. Many of the name brands are not very good for you. Low fat/protein, high in sugars, and fake ingredients (processed, nasty added things).
Instead, try a good Greek yogurt. It will cost you more, but if you add some almonds and dark chocolate, eat a little bit less yogurt (depending on how
much yogurt you eat), then it might only cost you $5 USD a week (as it does me, for two people, not bad).

Like meat, I can’t fathom cutting out cheese from my diet! Instead, like I did with meat, I cut down, and I also changed the types of cheeses that I eat.
I will still eat sharp cheddar from time to time, my favourite cheese, but I’ve mostly switched to white cheeses like provolone and mozzarella (unless I
eat pizza, then to Hel with it).

This leads me to my next possibly valuable input. You HAVE to let yourself enjoy eating. Food isn’t just a necessity, you should also be able to enjoy it! I
will absolutely splurge for a pizza, usually once a week! Maybe it’s not the best choice, but it won’t hurt in such small amounts, if you keep up with
healthy eating the rest of the week. I even get ice cream twice a month, just a small container, because I don’t want the temptation to have more. I
love dark chocolate, sometimes I will get one or two small bars of dark chocolate a week! I add it with my yogurt, or just eat it by itself, or sometimes
I melt it with coconut oil to use as a topping (for say, yogurt, after it’s cooled!)

I don’t think it’s natural for humans to hold onto shameful thoughts and feelings. Our ancestors believed that the past happened, it is concrete, a layer
on which the present moment is ever built upon ( for more information regarding the concept
of Wyrd). Now, it is not my place to tell anyone how to live their lives by any means, but I will say that if you have done something that might have
brought you shame, then either make a move to change that, or realize that it has happened, and all you can do is move on.

The past happened, it is important, but we cannot change it. It is part of the now, all you can change is your next steps to take, which will lead us into
what could be (what modern folks think of as the future, which is always in motion, changeable, which is why they say nothing is certain, until it
happens, don’t count your chickens until they hatch, etc.) Forgive yourself, and move on, or amend your deeds, learn from the past so history isn’t
repeated, the definition of insanity is to repeat the same action continuously, expecting for a different result.

Hopefully this advice will help someone. I plan to start blogging at least once a week, with as many words as I’ve included here. The topics will vary a
bit, but I plan to keep it focused on health, nature, travel, writing/reading, and music. Considering that, my aim is to always tie it in with a Germanic
theme, even if it goes unnoticed, in keeping with honouring my ancestors, as I find that an important and healthy choice for my life!

Thanks for reading!