Energy Awareness

I just did a YouTube video which you can see here on energy awareness.

There is a popular meme I’ve seen floating around, that says “You are a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made of stardust riding a rock floating through space” fear nothing.”

I love simple things.

If you want to re-learn something, go back to the basics.

So much is overlooked, from a spiritual perspective, until we add a dab of philosophy in there, something so very much missing from our lives.

If you practice meditation, or yoga, or some type of magic, or spirituality, you probably are aware of energy, to some extent.

We all give off energy.

If someone is mad, you can feel it, sometimes in another room, something just feels wrong.

If something happens to a family member or loved one, you sense a “disturbance in the force”, for you Star Wars fans.

I remember once I called my Nana when something was wrong, and she told me she knew I was going to call her, she could feel that something was wrong.

So, in the YouTube video I did this morning, I present a very simple technique that literally anyone can do, seeing that you have hands, or feet.

Rub your hands together, and move them away from each other, then closer together.

Rinse and repeat.

Notice the push and pull that emanates from you!

We are like magnets.

Another thing I touched on in my vlog today was blocking out unwanted ideas, energy.

Unfortunately the cost of our instant gratification generation is the constant bombardment of advertisements

People specialize in brainwashing us, through colour, logo, brand names, so on, and so forth.

It’s nearly impossible to get away from, unless you shut off your phone, get away from your computer, and go into nature.

Sadly, for a lot of us, me included, technology is part of daily work.

Luckily we can avoid it as best we can, by not visiting websites we know will be filled with subconscious non-sense that we don’t want our brains to absorb like a sponge.

Just being aware that it’s happening is much better than being oblivious and soaking in more.

Try to block it out, better yet, try to avoid it.

When you start dreaming of products, you know that’s a bad thing.

Yesterday I got into a conversation with someone wanting to know how to become more involved with runes.

I have studied the Elder Futhark runes for about five years now, and I’ve seen them for longer through bands like Manowar and Therion.

Thank you for embracing your ancestral ways!

Carolyn Emerick, who is a great writer of fairytales, folklore, mythology, and who stands up to represent our Indo-European heritage sent out a great picture yesterday via social media. (

Embrace the ways of your ancestors.

If you simply look at runes, they are affecting you subconsciously.

Now that is the way of our ancestors, so you can’t tell me it’s better to have some modern-day company brainwashing you, then rune staves our ancestors carved from long, long ago.

Personally, I take runes hands down.

I am huge on following the way of your ancestors.

Not of Germanic heritage, no problem!

Every culture has secrets just waiting to be rediscovered!

Go out, start reading the more reliable sources you can find, ask your family if you can, or someone you know that might be able to help you in your quest to become closer to your ancestors!

They live on in our blood, they guide us in our journey through life.

All we have to do is simply listen, or learn to listen.

The supernatural is actually very natural, we just have learned to build up walls in our minds to block out what is natural.

Through electricity, technology has cut us off somewhat from being an integral part of nature.

Embrace your environment.

Even if you’re not of Germanic heritage, English is a Germanic language, and so, seeing that you speak English, since you’re reading this article, you have reason right there to learn Germanic culture, if it behooves you.

Like I mentioned above, if not, then absolutely go embrace your culture.

It’s so beautiful to know your heritage, traditions of your ancestors.

Let us not be cut off from the roots of our trees by globalization!

We are all beautiful creatures, filled with energy, and we all have origins.

Don’t let the media tell you it’s bad to love who you are, because they are trying desperately to push their global agenda, and do exactly that.

If they can cut us off from our roots, we are easier to control, manipulate towards their disgusting ends.

No, that cannot happen!

No matter who you are, you have a beautiful history.

Sure, history is filled with wars, but we should not forget all our ancestors that have sacrificed so much to bring us here!

Childbirth itself is a huge sacrifice to bring us into this world, without our ancestors that wouldn’t have happened.
Don’t let them be forgotten, instead honour them through song, and dance, and learning their history!

There are so many little things that we do without knowing, and so many more things that we can do once we become aware of what our ancestors’ ways were.

Make some Norwegian flat bread, it’s quite good, I’ve made it several times now.

Learn the English Morris dance, or a new language that your ancestors spoke, or how modern English is of Germanic origin.

Your heritage is beautiful and should not be forgotten, just like our ancestors!



I’m sure we’ve all had that friend you play a board game with, video game, and it gets close, competitive, and you win.

Only to find out that once you’ve won fair and square, they decide to throw the game board on the floor, or throw the controller, at the TV, or at you, or at the floor, so that “they don’t lose.”

That’s not how it works.

If you can’t win, playing by the rules that everyone else agreed to beforehand, then you lose.

There’s no shame in losing.

I think maybe our society puts too much emphasis on winning.

Now I’m not saying everyone deserves the same trophy.

No, not at all.

In fact, I think it’s important to get the glory, if you’ve earned it.

After all, if you rightfully win, you deserve it.

Think about it from an Olympic perspective.

Is there really any losers, that trained that hard, even to compete on that platform?

Not really.

It’s amazing that you could make it that far.

Elite shape, obviously incredibly talented, but somebody has to win.

We can’t win every time, not even Michael Phelps can.

Not everyone is Michael Phelps.

Whether it’s his training, naturally gifted, the perfect environment, coach, lifestyle, diet,

That being said, regardless of race or religion, would you really want to be a part of anything so absolute, that you have to agree with it, or else?

Or else, they will flip the game over, so that no one can play, since they didn’t win, even though it was fair and square? (until they flipped the board over)

No, of course not.

We are taught at a young age, no one likes a sore loser.

That’s exactly what a lot of folks are doing right now.

Oh, I didn’t win, so guess what?

I’m going to flip the game board over, so that at least if I didn’t win, you can’t win either, because “you don’t deserve to win.”

Well, the old saying, win the battle, lose the war, should be taken to heart.

You might have won now, but I will come back and win later.

Hey, that’s not a bad attitude.

Embrace that you lost, learn from it, grow from it.

I’m a strategist.

I love strategy board games, Stratego being my favourite.

Chess is also fun, and I await the day I get to play “Viking chess” or properly called Tafl.

Playing with the best, makes you better.

Imagine if you’re on the last place team in sports.

Should you drop down, to a lower level of competition, so that you can shine, and get all the glory that you feel you deserve, or should you keep at it, and have the true glory, when the underdogs surprise everyone and finally become victorious?

How did you obtain this victory?

Because you stuck with the highly-competitive folks, you watched, you learned, and you grew from it, fair and square.

You didn’t give up.

There is a lot to say for perseverance.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, other times, it’s still not enough.

At least if you don’t give up, if you put up a fight, fair and square, it shows that you’re not a poor loser.

You respect the game, the competitors, and yourself enough to say, hey, I lost, but I gave it my all.

I will learn from my mistakes, from my competitors, and I will do better next time.

Now, imagine this attitude, of knocking the board game over, and apply it to politics, or religion.

That is precisely what’s going on in certain factions lately.

“Only the Sith deal in absolutes”

Wise words from Star Wars.

Regardless of what ideology it is, the fear of eternal punishment shouldn’t be someone’s selling point for spirituality.

However, convert or be killed, is a far cry from that, and we shouldn’t be afraid to say that.

How could anyone believe in something that doesn’t give you a choice?

This is right, or else.

That sounds a lot to me like, if I don’t win, I’m going to flip the game board over, so that you “can’t win” either.

Well guess what?

If someone is bound to win in a game against you, and you flip the table over, they still won.

Extreme liberals are being much the same.

If we remove history, it never happened.


Somehow that doesn’t seem like a very good idea, since, like I said in my last blog post, we are supposed to learn from history, as to not repeat it, not deny that it happened.

Just because you sit in the corner of a room, with your hands over your ears, humming so you can’t hear, and something horrible happens… It still happened.

That’s the kind of logic that’s being used by removing statues, by giving in to terrorism.

If you don’t stand up against it, you’re helping it, it’s partially your fault.

Good people need to stand up together, and show that we won’t let this happen.

Now again, not all answers are clear.

I don’t have all the answers.

I am of philosophical mind, meaning that I present a question, I try to get people to open their mind to possibilities, I’m not saying that I am some guru with every answer, because I am not.

I do know that it’s not right, in a board game, or with an ideology, political or religious, to flip the game board over.

Simplified, yes, but again these are lessons we learned as a kid.

Take turns, be courteous, have respect for others.

It’s not that hard.

We can’t always be right.

Keep an open mind, talk calmly with others who might feel differently, we as humans can work together, if we use logic.

Don’t let extreme ideologies drag us back into a dark age, by removing statues of history that happened, and threatening their forced way of life.

That is not freedom, and that is not peace.


Opposites Attract

Opposites attract.

In Germanic culture,
Ginnungagap is described
as the void of nothingness,
and all potential,
where all life sprang forth,
perhaps as a big bang type theory.
(The first big bang, or one of many?)

Was it the beginning?
I won’t go into that,
but it’s the Norse creation myth of Glfyaginning,
where the hot fire of Musphelheim,
meets the cold ice of Nefelheim,
in the middle of Ginnungagap,
this black hole,
which waits for us,
each time we close our eyes,
sleep, and perhaps even die.

Dr. Stephen Flowers suggests
in his wonderful book Runelore
(Samuel Weiser, 1987),
“An Odian does not seek the mystery of dagaz
at the center but rather at the extreme borders.”

Dagaz, the 23rd of 24 runes in the Elder Futhark,
which is the letter D, but also stands for day/night,
to be very superficial about the meaning.
To find out more, I suggest you purchase Edred’s book Futhark,
which is a great place to begin learning about runes
as there is unfortunately a lot of misinformation on them online.

William Blake is one of the greatest poets and painters ever.
Born in England, in November 28, 1757,
in Soho, London, Great Britain.
He was a huge influence on me growing up,
and has obvious Germanic influence,
perhaps via Anglo-Saxon tradition,
since he was English, but I’m only guessing.

In The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,
Blake suggests that: “Without Contraries is no progression.
Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy,
Love and Hate, are necessary to Human existence.”

Think about it. If we all had the same opinions,
felt the same way, for Gods sake,
we would be mindless robots, or dare I say, zombies.

A difference of opinion is expected,
demanded even, by whatever
has put us all together in this puzzle.

Even if you attend the same school,
come from the same region,
Hel, even if you have the same parents,
still you absolutely have differing opinions somehow.

There are no two people whom are exactly the same,
nor should there be expectactions for that to happen,
it’s ridiculous to even consider the possibility.

That aside, humans have their own opinion,
regardless of their upbringing,
to whatever large or small extent.

Why can’t modern folks comprehend that?

I always took pride in the fact
that I at least try to see things
from a different perspective.
How does the bum on the corner feel,
having to beg for food?
Was he a victim of a war,
that left him unable to deal with loud noises,
due to his PTSD from an I.E.D.,
and so now must beg on a street corner,
where society mostly leaves him alone?
(At least hopefully, if it’s negative).
Don’t judge a man or woman
until you’ve spent a day in their shoes.

Am I always right?
Hel no, of course not. No one is.
In fact, being wrong is crucial to human development.
Without being wrong,
first off we would probably
be so bored of life,
well honestly I can’t even fathom
the consequences of such a world.

Being wrong is a great and valuable teacher.
We need to be wrong, more so,
we need to see the error of our actions
and thoughts, so that we can grow from our mistakes.

We learn very early on in life,
the point of history class is so
that we don’t repeat history,
and instead, learn from it!

Well, how in the Hel is that possible,
when we get rid of history,
to try and ‘cover our tracks’,
as if a certain part of history didn’t happen,
and that will make it all better.

Doesn’t that make it worse?
Isn’t that offensive to every being
that took part of that time in history?

Right or wrong, good or bad, it happened.

In Germanic culture,
the present moment is built upon the past.

The past is set in concrete.
It happened.

That’s why history is so important.

It happened.

You can’t just pretend, and suddenly
an alternate reality pops up
in which that part of history is wiped clean,
and some new, greater achievements took place.

People need to get over themselves,
and this ridiculous need
to share how offended you are by everything,
which has really exploded lately,
in truly insane proportions.

The removal of Confederate monuments,
are you even kidding me?

First of all, I’m guessing that most of these folks
which are complaining about the Confederate flag,
are not very enlightened in history to begin with.

Leaving that to someone else,
as there is plenty of places one could be enlightened
on the subject, if they were so inclined.

Remember, “to the victor, goes the spoils.”
In this case meaning that who wins,
gets to write the history books,
or re-write them in some cases.

First off, I am not a Republican,
definitely not Democrat.
I am a conservative person,
although I keep an open mind.
Again, life has gray areas.
It just does.
Nothing is perfectly labeled,
especially us human folks.
Sure, it’s easy to pretend that’s true,
but it’s simply not.
I figured I would mention that,
before you read on.

Recently some extreme left virtually attacked President Trump
because he ‘didn’t know the start of the American Civil War.’

Ironic, because the folks who thought themselves
to be all high and mighty,
were actually wrong about the ‘truth’.

Oh sure, they know the ‘truth’,
that the history books would teach them.
To the victor, goes the spoils.
The winners get to write the history books.
Of course it’s not going to have a fair view.
You’re talking about a war that was fought
brother against brother,
father against son, uncle versus nephew.
It should never be forgotten.
Why? First of all, if you’ve read
any of this article, you will hopefully
remember that pretending to forget
history, doesn’t fix it, doesn’t make it
go away, doesn’t do anything really.
Nothing good at least.

Things are never as clear and simple as they seem.
Are you telling me, that from 1865,
at the end of the American Civil War,
that everyone was completely racist,
until finally in 2017, we got ‘salvation’,
when we ripped down some Confederate monuments,
took down Confederate flags,
and stopped American Civil War museums
from being open, since there isn’t any artifacts?

What a great victory,
we have covered up history.
Yeah, that’s a good idea.
As with other stories I read,
liberals are painting themselves akin
to Isis, in a sense,
ripping down their statues,
trying to cover up, ‘forget’ history,
instead of learning from it, and asking how,
why did people feel this way, or did they?

What really was the beginning of it all,
that started the bloodiest war
in American history,
on American soil?

(Perhaps besides Wounded Knee,
or any other slaughtering of Native peoples,
although some of that happened
outside of an officially recognized war).

Just because an opinion isn’t popular,
doesn’t mean you’re wrong.
Just because facts aren’t popular,
doesn’t make them false.
The adverse is just as strongly true.

I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t use their voice.
Just remember, there are people you know,
friends, family, neighbors,
fellow countrymen and women,
that voted for the other guy,
whether it was Obama, Trump,
or any other president, or senate member.

All I’m saying is, there will always be
a difference in opinion.
People should be allowed to speak freely.
If we lose that, what next?
If a comedian can’t make fun of
this, that, or the other;
if a writer can’t talk about
something that’s “too taboo”,
What’s next?
That leads us toward a dark
and dangerous place, my friends.

I would much prefer having friends,
and family,
and fellow countrywomen and men
who are free thinkers,
who prove me wrong,
so that we all can grow
in whatever direction we do.

Disagreements are natural,
and opposites attract.
(To whatever end).

James Allen Chisholm’s English translation of the Havamal says:
“Let a man not be boastful about his wisdom, but watchful instead.
The wise and silent are seldom harmed when wary in the hall.
A more trustworthy friend, a man cannot have, than understanding.”

Imported Produce

Imagine you’re a local grocery store owner of 25 years.
You live in a small town, having mostly the same clients,
some of which have become very good friends, or are family.
You have a produce department, and you try to only help out local farmers, taking pride in buying only the best, most organic fruits and vegetables for your clients, getting to have more than just a business relationship with these farmers,
but knowing them personally too, having even gone
so far as to visit their farms where the foods are grown.
Then, suddenly one day you get told by officials
that it’s no longer fair if you only take in fruits and vegetables that have past your inspection, but you must take in foods from unknown origins, that have not been tested for quality, nor are you aware under what
conditions these foods are grown.
Whether they have been grown using pesticides, which ones if so, how long they have traveled, and you are forced to sell these foods, regardless of how you feel to this new unfolding situation.
You oblige, feeling you have no choice, because that is what you have been told.
Then, suddenly in a short amount of time, you find that these untested fruits and vegetables from unknown origin have indeed been using pesticides, but it doesn’t stop there.
That’s right, suddenly you begin to discover that the foods from your local organic farmers who you’ve trusted all this time, suddenly are developing strange diseases that you’ve never seen before in all your
time as a grocery store owner.
You know you can trust the local farmers, as they have treated you well all your 25 years that you have been in business, then suddenly it dawns on you.
The imported foods have been diseased, and now suddenly all the food which you have in stock is all suffering from this unknown disease.
Was it caused by pesticides, growing conditions, insects, animals, human contamination?
Not only can you not find out, but, much to your chagrin, you are baffled to find out that these same officials which made you stock this food of unknown origins, but that you must continue to do so, still without any further testing to ensure the future of your own foods, that local farmers, who have gone through all the rigorous testing all these 25 years have had to do.
Why would all the local farmers go through all the trouble that they have all this time, once they finally discover how business now operates?
If someone else doesn’t have to go through the testing, grow their foods in the same natural conditions that these farmers have had to do, why on earth would any of the local farmers continue to uphold their integrity?
More so, how would they even be able to keep doing things the way they have been this whole time, when this food from unknown origin is also cheaper.
While you, the store owner, is completely against selling these fruits, the same officials that made you stock this food, also warns you with strict sanctions if you even speak out to anyone publicly about this strange
food from unknown origin, even though you have complete and utter proof that they are diseased, and spreading the sickness to the rest of your once organic stock of foods?
What would you do?
You’ve been a good person your whole life, taken pride in stocking the safest, healthiest, most organic foods for your clients, friends, and family, but now have been warned so strictly to speak against these diseased fruit, and forced to continue stocking them, still with no testing?
Doesn’t seem right to me either.

Appreciation of perspective

Growing up loving philosophy, I have always tried to see things from every angle. I think that our experience here in this life very much depends upon our perception.

William Blake was a huge influence on me in my younger years especially, as well as Aldous Huxley‘s Doors of Perception (thanks to Jim Morrison, The Doors‘ singer and poet). Both Blake and Huxley focused heavily on our perceptions.

Having said that, even though I tend more toward the side of intellect and art, via music, poetry, philosophy, and meditation, I still very much appreciate having grown up being raised by working class parents.

I have a long line of “blue collar” males, and while I have strayed from doing that for a living, I don’t understand how someone couldn’t appreciate the hard work that’s being done in such varying occupations.

It’s not as though we can just say this work doesn’t need to be done. I could only imagine Idiocracy becoming true, with massive heaps of trash piling up, in far greater a number than is already, if it wasn’t for garbage men taking our trash weekly.

Sure, people are able to take their recycling in, whether to get some cash, or from a deep-seeded desire to help nature, to some extent, that’s all fine and dandy, even appreciated.

Sadly, I sometimes read via social media memes or stories about so-called intellectuals, folks that graduated from this prestigious college or another, talking badly to their children about hard-working blue collar folks who bust their humps for a living.

I wouldn’t want my kid doing this, that, or the other. Really? Because being an intellectual, I don’t think you’ve read about a culture of doctors that was thriving.

Not everyone is going to grow up to be a doctor. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an astronaut. I had stars on my wallpaper and all that jazz, while it’s good to have aspirations, it’s also ridiculous not to appreciate what jobs need to be done.

McDonald’s workers wanting $15-an-hour for a fast food job, when they don’t have a very hard job at all (minus the customer service aspect, which many jobs entail) seems a bit absurd when a very physically demanding job, such as landscaping sometimes might not make that much.

Fast food is bad for us anyways, from potentially not eating as a family, to health considerations per another blog post I’ve done, plus the offset of inflation, but I am not an economist and won’t ever pretend to be, so I’m sure you can read about that on another blog if you please.

In many folklore of Indo-European peoples, you see an agricultural culture spring up, after hunter/gatherer, and it should be extremely appreciated.

Everyone is trying to go all natural, as much as is possible, well that cuts McDonald’s out of the equation completely, but what about farmers?

Living in California all of my life, I have seen more and more farmers being driven out, due to lack of rain, but more so due to cost. They are being driven out. Why? Because then corporations can’t have such a stranglehold on force-feeding us GMO-laden foods that can be advertised.

It’s just like medicine. There is not really much profit in herbs, spices, natural folklore medicine, when greedy corporations can give us Tylenol, anti-depressants, and all the other garbage which is in the foods we feed even our children.

If it comes in a can, or is too easy, it’s probably not good for you, unless it’s fruit or vegetables.

Vegetarian, vegan? I’m sure you still appreciate the farmers who get your organic vegetables and fruits.

Maybe you don’t appreciate meat, I can understand and even appreciate that to some point. If we had better conditions for the animals we raised for food, maybe there wouldn’t be as many folks who felt that way.

I have read about the raising of animals in parts of Europe, and they don’t have cows and bacon, I mean pigs raised the same way we do here in America. I can’t imagine the kind of life it must be, to live in a pin where you eat and poop in the same little area, without much room to move, yet alone run around, free like we are meant to be.

Back to my initial point, if we as a culture would appreciate the average folks who hunt, not for sport, to show off a lion kill, but to honestly provide food for family and the society we live in, we could have more easily obtainable organic foods, without so much, if any pesticides, preservatives, and so forth.

Then, maybe we wouldn’t need as many medications, which help keep us “balanced”, while in truth, we should be very well balanced by nature (for the most part), with proper diet consisting of natural foods, exercise, less poison, and so forth.

Here we go, full circle, back to my point in whole. Farmers aren’t doctors, even though they provide us with natural foods which would help keep us potentially away from doctors as often, or for as many reasons as us modern folk seem to need.

No, farmers are blue collar, hard-working, back-busting folks who helped make our culture, and the culture of our ancestors strong and healthy.

It’s a frightening place when you can’t make enough money to afford “fancy” foods, meaning foods that are natural and not pumped with steroids, put in a can with preservatives we can’t pronounce and have no idea what they are unless we look them up.

Instead of looking down on someone for having a physical job, instead of a mental or emotionally-demanding one, try to see things from their perspective. Consider what they offer our society, families, and culture, before all the farmers are driven away, and all of our food is made in a laboratory.

I don’t know if anyone else has, but I have seen food that’s made in a laboratory in China.

Some strange goo, put in test tubes, that somehow equate cabbage. While I love science, that just doesn’t seem right to me, when we could just as easily, or far more easily just have appreciated the hard-working folks who make a living literally putting good, natural, hearty foods on our plates that nature provided and intended us to eat.

If you are fond of science, I imagine you’re logical enough to consider the fact that we haven’t tested these other methods of food nearly long enough to consider feeding them to our families.

Five, 10, 20 years down the line, and the human race dies off from some unforeseen “complication” that sprouted from not enough room for more apartments, and folks not living at one with nature.

Support your local farmer’s markets, appreciate the garbage man, the guy who plows your field, or removes snow from your driveway (unless you do it yourself, then there’s no need to heed that advice).

Doctors have their place too, and typically achieve the respect they demand, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I don’t see animals looking down on different occupations.

No, instead they fight together, live together, and function naturally, how they were intended to, minus of course, human interference with their environment.

We need nature to be healthy, like it or not. We need all the parts of a well-maintained machine to function as a whole, meaning us as humans, because after all, we use the tools that we create, let’s not have that be the other way around.

Getting back to a more folkish lifestyle is good for us. People going back to the diets their ancestors had, happens for good reason.

“Eat your medicine”, I see being a popular saying, and it’s true.

Back to nature, a natural cycle of living, it’s better for all of us. Physical-demanding jobs provide exercise which we see more of a need for.

Learn from your ancestors, the past, it will help guide us into the future.