Imported Produce

Imagine you’re a local grocery store owner of 25 years.
You live in a small town, having mostly the same clients,
some of which have become very good friends, or are family.
You have a produce department, and you try to only help out local farmers, taking pride in buying only the best, most organic fruits and vegetables for your clients, getting to have more than just a business relationship with these farmers,
but knowing them personally too, having even gone
so far as to visit their farms where the foods are grown.
Then, suddenly one day you get told by officials
that it’s no longer fair if you only take in fruits and vegetables that have past your inspection, but you must take in foods from unknown origins, that have not been tested for quality, nor are you aware under what
conditions these foods are grown.
Whether they have been grown using pesticides, which ones if so, how long they have traveled, and you are forced to sell these foods, regardless of how you feel to this new unfolding situation.
You oblige, feeling you have no choice, because that is what you have been told.
Then, suddenly in a short amount of time, you find that these untested fruits and vegetables from unknown origin have indeed been using pesticides, but it doesn’t stop there.
That’s right, suddenly you begin to discover that the foods from your local organic farmers who you’ve trusted all this time, suddenly are developing strange diseases that you’ve never seen before in all your
time as a grocery store owner.
You know you can trust the local farmers, as they have treated you well all your 25 years that you have been in business, then suddenly it dawns on you.
The imported foods have been diseased, and now suddenly all the food which you have in stock is all suffering from this unknown disease.
Was it caused by pesticides, growing conditions, insects, animals, human contamination?
Not only can you not find out, but, much to your chagrin, you are baffled to find out that these same officials which made you stock this food of unknown origins, but that you must continue to do so, still without any further testing to ensure the future of your own foods, that local farmers, who have gone through all the rigorous testing all these 25 years have had to do.
Why would all the local farmers go through all the trouble that they have all this time, once they finally discover how business now operates?
If someone else doesn’t have to go through the testing, grow their foods in the same natural conditions that these farmers have had to do, why on earth would any of the local farmers continue to uphold their integrity?
More so, how would they even be able to keep doing things the way they have been this whole time, when this food from unknown origin is also cheaper.
While you, the store owner, is completely against selling these fruits, the same officials that made you stock this food, also warns you with strict sanctions if you even speak out to anyone publicly about this strange
food from unknown origin, even though you have complete and utter proof that they are diseased, and spreading the sickness to the rest of your once organic stock of foods?
What would you do?
You’ve been a good person your whole life, taken pride in stocking the safest, healthiest, most organic foods for your clients, friends, and family, but now have been warned so strictly to speak against these diseased fruit, and forced to continue stocking them, still with no testing?
Doesn’t seem right to me either.

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