I’m sure we’ve all had that friend you play a board game with, video game, and it gets close, competitive, and you win.

Only to find out that once you’ve won fair and square, they decide to throw the game board on the floor, or throw the controller, at the TV, or at you, or at the floor, so that “they don’t lose.”

That’s not how it works.

If you can’t win, playing by the rules that everyone else agreed to beforehand, then you lose.

There’s no shame in losing.

I think maybe our society puts too much emphasis on winning.

Now I’m not saying everyone deserves the same trophy.

No, not at all.

In fact, I think it’s important to get the glory, if you’ve earned it.

After all, if you rightfully win, you deserve it.

Think about it from an Olympic perspective.

Is there really any losers, that trained that hard, even to compete on that platform?

Not really.

It’s amazing that you could make it that far.

Elite shape, obviously incredibly talented, but somebody has to win.

We can’t win every time, not even Michael Phelps can.

Not everyone is Michael Phelps.

Whether it’s his training, naturally gifted, the perfect environment, coach, lifestyle, diet,

That being said, regardless of race or religion, would you really want to be a part of anything so absolute, that you have to agree with it, or else?

Or else, they will flip the game over, so that no one can play, since they didn’t win, even though it was fair and square? (until they flipped the board over)

No, of course not.

We are taught at a young age, no one likes a sore loser.

That’s exactly what a lot of folks are doing right now.

Oh, I didn’t win, so guess what?

I’m going to flip the game board over, so that at least if I didn’t win, you can’t win either, because “you don’t deserve to win.”

Well, the old saying, win the battle, lose the war, should be taken to heart.

You might have won now, but I will come back and win later.

Hey, that’s not a bad attitude.

Embrace that you lost, learn from it, grow from it.

I’m a strategist.

I love strategy board games, Stratego being my favourite.

Chess is also fun, and I await the day I get to play “Viking chess” or properly called Tafl.

Playing with the best, makes you better.

Imagine if you’re on the last place team in sports.

Should you drop down, to a lower level of competition, so that you can shine, and get all the glory that you feel you deserve, or should you keep at it, and have the true glory, when the underdogs surprise everyone and finally become victorious?

How did you obtain this victory?

Because you stuck with the highly-competitive folks, you watched, you learned, and you grew from it, fair and square.

You didn’t give up.

There is a lot to say for perseverance.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, other times, it’s still not enough.

At least if you don’t give up, if you put up a fight, fair and square, it shows that you’re not a poor loser.

You respect the game, the competitors, and yourself enough to say, hey, I lost, but I gave it my all.

I will learn from my mistakes, from my competitors, and I will do better next time.

Now, imagine this attitude, of knocking the board game over, and apply it to politics, or religion.

That is precisely what’s going on in certain factions lately.

“Only the Sith deal in absolutes”

Wise words from Star Wars.

Regardless of what ideology it is, the fear of eternal punishment shouldn’t be someone’s selling point for spirituality.

However, convert or be killed, is a far cry from that, and we shouldn’t be afraid to say that.

How could anyone believe in something that doesn’t give you a choice?

This is right, or else.

That sounds a lot to me like, if I don’t win, I’m going to flip the game board over, so that you “can’t win” either.

Well guess what?

If someone is bound to win in a game against you, and you flip the table over, they still won.

Extreme liberals are being much the same.

If we remove history, it never happened.


Somehow that doesn’t seem like a very good idea, since, like I said in my last blog post, we are supposed to learn from history, as to not repeat it, not deny that it happened.

Just because you sit in the corner of a room, with your hands over your ears, humming so you can’t hear, and something horrible happens… It still happened.

That’s the kind of logic that’s being used by removing statues, by giving in to terrorism.

If you don’t stand up against it, you’re helping it, it’s partially your fault.

Good people need to stand up together, and show that we won’t let this happen.

Now again, not all answers are clear.

I don’t have all the answers.

I am of philosophical mind, meaning that I present a question, I try to get people to open their mind to possibilities, I’m not saying that I am some guru with every answer, because I am not.

I do know that it’s not right, in a board game, or with an ideology, political or religious, to flip the game board over.

Simplified, yes, but again these are lessons we learned as a kid.

Take turns, be courteous, have respect for others.

It’s not that hard.

We can’t always be right.

Keep an open mind, talk calmly with others who might feel differently, we as humans can work together, if we use logic.

Don’t let extreme ideologies drag us back into a dark age, by removing statues of history that happened, and threatening their forced way of life.

That is not freedom, and that is not peace.


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