Energy Awareness

I just did a YouTube video which you can see here on energy awareness.

There is a popular meme I’ve seen floating around, that says “You are a ghost driving a meat covered skeleton made of stardust riding a rock floating through space” fear nothing.”

I love simple things.

If you want to re-learn something, go back to the basics.

So much is overlooked, from a spiritual perspective, until we add a dab of philosophy in there, something so very much missing from our lives.

If you practice meditation, or yoga, or some type of magic, or spirituality, you probably are aware of energy, to some extent.

We all give off energy.

If someone is mad, you can feel it, sometimes in another room, something just feels wrong.

If something happens to a family member or loved one, you sense a “disturbance in the force”, for you Star Wars fans.

I remember once I called my Nana when something was wrong, and she told me she knew I was going to call her, she could feel that something was wrong.

So, in the YouTube video I did this morning, I present a very simple technique that literally anyone can do, seeing that you have hands, or feet.

Rub your hands together, and move them away from each other, then closer together.

Rinse and repeat.

Notice the push and pull that emanates from you!

We are like magnets.

Another thing I touched on in my vlog today was blocking out unwanted ideas, energy.

Unfortunately the cost of our instant gratification generation is the constant bombardment of advertisements

People specialize in brainwashing us, through colour, logo, brand names, so on, and so forth.

It’s nearly impossible to get away from, unless you shut off your phone, get away from your computer, and go into nature.

Sadly, for a lot of us, me included, technology is part of daily work.

Luckily we can avoid it as best we can, by not visiting websites we know will be filled with subconscious non-sense that we don’t want our brains to absorb like a sponge.

Just being aware that it’s happening is much better than being oblivious and soaking in more.

Try to block it out, better yet, try to avoid it.

When you start dreaming of products, you know that’s a bad thing.

Yesterday I got into a conversation with someone wanting to know how to become more involved with runes.

I have studied the Elder Futhark runes for about five years now, and I’ve seen them for longer through bands like Manowar and Therion.

Thank you for embracing your ancestral ways!

Carolyn Emerick, who is a great writer of fairytales, folklore, mythology, and who stands up to represent our Indo-European heritage sent out a great picture yesterday via social media. (

Embrace the ways of your ancestors.

If you simply look at runes, they are affecting you subconsciously.

Now that is the way of our ancestors, so you can’t tell me it’s better to have some modern-day company brainwashing you, then rune staves our ancestors carved from long, long ago.

Personally, I take runes hands down.

I am huge on following the way of your ancestors.

Not of Germanic heritage, no problem!

Every culture has secrets just waiting to be rediscovered!

Go out, start reading the more reliable sources you can find, ask your family if you can, or someone you know that might be able to help you in your quest to become closer to your ancestors!

They live on in our blood, they guide us in our journey through life.

All we have to do is simply listen, or learn to listen.

The supernatural is actually very natural, we just have learned to build up walls in our minds to block out what is natural.

Through electricity, technology has cut us off somewhat from being an integral part of nature.

Embrace your environment.

Even if you’re not of Germanic heritage, English is a Germanic language, and so, seeing that you speak English, since you’re reading this article, you have reason right there to learn Germanic culture, if it behooves you.

Like I mentioned above, if not, then absolutely go embrace your culture.

It’s so beautiful to know your heritage, traditions of your ancestors.

Let us not be cut off from the roots of our trees by globalization!

We are all beautiful creatures, filled with energy, and we all have origins.

Don’t let the media tell you it’s bad to love who you are, because they are trying desperately to push their global agenda, and do exactly that.

If they can cut us off from our roots, we are easier to control, manipulate towards their disgusting ends.

No, that cannot happen!

No matter who you are, you have a beautiful history.

Sure, history is filled with wars, but we should not forget all our ancestors that have sacrificed so much to bring us here!

Childbirth itself is a huge sacrifice to bring us into this world, without our ancestors that wouldn’t have happened.
Don’t let them be forgotten, instead honour them through song, and dance, and learning their history!

There are so many little things that we do without knowing, and so many more things that we can do once we become aware of what our ancestors’ ways were.

Make some Norwegian flat bread, it’s quite good, I’ve made it several times now.

Learn the English Morris dance, or a new language that your ancestors spoke, or how modern English is of Germanic origin.

Your heritage is beautiful and should not be forgotten, just like our ancestors!


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