Hagalaz, the ninth in the Elder Futhark rune row, symbolizes a hailstone at its basest level, thus its six-pattern shape, as in the Armanen rune Hagal, (equivalent to the Elder Futhark rune Hagalaz).


If we look to the Anglo-Saxon rune poems, which gives us great insight from our ancestors, we see it talks of Haegl (Hagalaz) thusly:   

“Hail is the whitest of grain;

it is whirled from the vault of heaven
and is tossed about by gusts of wind
and then it melts into water.”


If you would like to delve deeper into the runes and their meanings, and I suggest you do, Futhark written by Edred Thorsson is considered by many, including myself, to be the best starting point to do so, and it’s an excellent book even if you’re not a beginner.

I constantly use it for references, and to re-read time and again.


Instead, as is the point of my blog here at Grasp Fire, I care to relate that ancient wisdom of our ancestors, to modern on goings in our life and society.


When someone plays a game, it is common sense that you learn by playing against the best opponent possible.

It’s proven that you will become better, through being beaten by them.

If you left yourself untested, by either picking on weaker opponents, or not playing the game, fighting, or whatever it may be, you would never grow.


That is precisely what some folks on the extreme left are choosing to do.

They don’t want their ideology to be questioned, and when their ideology goes unquestioned, because they call you a “Nazi, fascist”, insert variable school yard insult if you do challenge their ideology, then it goes untested.

If it goes untested, it can’t grow.

There’s no room for evolution.

In this way, the hailstone never melts into the life-giving water, because it doesn’t meet the resistance it was meant to (Think Nifelheim meeting Musphelheim, ice and fire, meeting in the cosmic void Ginnungagap).

As the great poet William Blake said: “Without Contraries is no progression.

Attraction and Repulsion, Reason and Energy, Love and Hate, are necessary to Human existence.”


It’s crucial that we to lose, humbly, and grow from our loss, to evolve in life, so that we eventually can win (though winning isn’t necessarily the goal either, but rather growing, evolving, learning). 


Whether it’s someone else’s ideology, a relationship, friendship, a fight, it doesn’t matter.

We simply must lose, to learn how to win.

No one wins, if everything goes unchallenged.

Instead, we reach a point of stagnation.

Like Bruce Lee says, “

“You must be shapeless, formless, like water…”


We need water to flow, and the way it flows, is by bouncing an idea off someone else, be challenged by their opinions, and then oneself can evolve for the better.

Even if you disagree with what another says, it can make your argument stronger, or you can at times learn that you are even wrong in some facet, or completely.  

Imagine that. 

Yes, it is possible to learn from your enemies, in fact I daresay it would be impossible to not learn.

If you force others to conform, then no one is learning, and that is called totalitarianism, not liberalism.

The only thing that’s possible from this is Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of motion: “To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction: or the mutual actions of two bodies upon each other are always equal, and directed to contrary parts.”

IE, you punch me, I punch you back.

That doesn’t seem like it’s going to get us very far, now does it? 

Unless of course you’re training to be a fighter, then the analogy would be, fighting your shadow won’t get you very far, because you need the resistance from fighting an opponent, and the experience, just like in an argument or discussion. 


If an ideology remains unquestioned, being forced upon us, through ads, or “social justice warriors”, etc., then again, we get totalitarianism. 

“Do this or else”. 


Or else, that’s something an unskilled parent, or bully threatens their children with.

Insert variable silly threat if you need, but when you get down to the root of it, that’s what is going on here.


A bully might say, do this, or else I’ll punch you, steal your lunch, and so forth.

Whereas the unskilled parent might use the old adage, if you do this, I’ll ground you, take away your toy… 


No, folks, instead we must have intelligent arguments, discussions, where we both grow, together or apart, but if we can keep things civil, and find a formidable opponent intellectually, we will all evolve as human beings, instead of descending back into the horrors of another dark age, which is precisely what I see some choices potentially leading to on our current path, if humans can’t seem to get their brain to function properly.

Although, the human head is the strongest bone in our bodies, and headbutting is quite efficient, it does serve other purposes, such as philosophical thought, and imagination.


Sadly, I have seen many children’s episodes lately that make me think… there are a lot of adults whom would benefit from these very rudimentary moral notions.

We need to work together with others, not everyone is the same, and that’s okay.


Celebrate your heritage.


By not being allowed to do so, through this globalization attempt to mold everyone into a robot, we’re losing that opponent to sharpen our mental skills against.

Whether we completely disagree with their opinions, ideology, or just a small point, we can’t all always agree with one another.

Don’t be to proud to be wrong, much good can come from it, if we are willing to learn.


In fact, I don’t think anyone can ever agree on everything 100 percent of the time.

To me, that’s a terribly frightening thought if we did.

We might be connected through the Web of Wyrd, but we are not all attached at the hip, or rather brain.


No, I think it’s more being force-fed a lie, and it becomes contagious, until it’s accepted as truth, by force.


In closing, let us find benefit from the chaos of the hailstone instead of fearing it, and through it, find that life-giving water which it melts to bring, which is so scared to all walks of life.


The only safe space is within yourself, and that’s the only one you will ever need.

Make use of it, for it can come in handy, but don’t let it become a prison.



I have practiced meditation since I was about 15 years old, but not until connected breathwork did I truly begin to know, synchronicity. 

Countless nights I could be found outside, in the dark, laying on my driveway, on three acres, only to wake up with numerous bites of all sizes, from no telling what kind of spiders or other bugs.

I hadn’t noticed, but the next morning when I was itchy, I did.

I lucked out that I hadn’t been bitten by a deadly scorpion or black widow, to my knowledge, but it’s good to get back to nature, and if you believe in karma, fate, ‘when it’s your time, it’s your time’, Wyrd, or any of that then it doesn’t matter anyways, and you should live your life to the fullest, with regards to repercussions for your actions, and how they could potentially affect others.

That all being said, after 15 years of meditation, I finally stumbled upon connected breathwork, and am fortunate enough to have taken 10 separate hour-long classes with a masterful teacher of the art, the esteemed Dave Lee.

You would think after such a long time having practiced meditation, at such great intervals of time, that there wouldn’t be much left to learn.

After all, it’s “just” breathing, and I had no trouble meditating for prolonged periods of time.

I didn’t need any work, my skills didn’t need sharpening, and yet this new artform of connected breathwork was something I hadn’t tried, and I heard many good things about.

I simply had to try.

After one class, I was blown away.

All these years of meditation was in preparation for this moment.

I haven’t enough words to describe to you how beneficial connected breathwork can be for someone.

You can read all the testimonials on Dave’s website yet you really won’t know how profound of an experience it is until you’ve tried it for yourself.

Even having spent 10 hours learning from him, I would love to have another session any day, as I assure you it’s severally beneficial, and I had profound experiences that helped me grow immensely.

Now Dave lives in England, and unfortunately, I’ve yet to make that trek, though I would absolutely love to, to say the least.

No, but I was lucky enough to engage with Dave via Skype.

I’m not sure he offers Skype sessions anymore, as I don’t see that option on his website, luckily for you though he has Connect Your Breath! available on the topic, but you can contact him to find out if he might make an exception for Skype as he did with me. 

Life Force, David Lee

While I haven’t read Life Force yet, I have read another of his books entitled Bright From The Well, and anyone whom is interested in the Norse Sagas, great literature, fiction, storytelling, magic, rune poems, or anything Germanic related, absolutely must have this book.

Bright From the Well’ consists of five stories plus five essays and a rune-poem.

The stories revolve around themes from Norse myth- the marriage of Frey and Gerd, the story of how Gullveig-Heidh reveals her powers to the gods, a modern take on the social-origins myth Rig’s Tale, Loki attending a pagan pub moot and the Ragnarok seen through the yes of an ancient shaman.

The essays include examination of the Norse creation or origins story, of the magician in or against the world and a chaoist’s magical experiences looked at from the standpoint of Northern magic.”


From a Germanic standpoint in fact, I would suggest this book overall, unless you have an interest in connected breathwork, then I suggest both.

Even having had taken classes from Dave, I still can’t wait to read his new book, because there’s always something more one can learn, and I guarantee you, Dave is one of the best authors I’ve ever read.

That’s not all the writing I have read from Dave Lee, I also have read his book on Wealth Magic, and his blog.

I suggest his website for numerous reasons.

Firstly, he teaches connected breathwork techniques.

Also, he shares experiences others have had taking classes with him, and connected breathwork isn’t the only lessons he has to teach.

I aspire to be as talented a writer as he someday, his blog is mightily entertaining for several reasons.

Whether he writes about his traveling excursions to Ireland for a two-day walk, he shares stories from a magician who passed away who shares about using teddy bears for magical purposes, or his many in-depth book reviews, from chaos magic, to fantasy, to psychedelic reviews, there are no shortage of good reads.

In fact I spent many days reading through his blog posts, and I assure you there is much wisdom to be gained by doing so, plus as I’ve mentioned it’s highly entertaining, even if you have no interest in magic, because he’s that well written. 

He recently did an overhaul to his website, and it’s beautiful, and just in time for his latest book, Life Force Sensed Energy in Breathwork, Psychedelia and Chaos Magic, which is equally aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking of aesthetics, Dave also gives tips on what colours to use for certain magical purposes, such as wealth magic.

A Rune Song Worshop, well worth checking out for anyone reading that I know are heavily interested in runes, bind runes, and galdr! 

A very touching and equally practical article Dave wrote about Philip Harper who has sadly passed away, but can still teach us from beyond by making use of his writings.

So when I told you that I literally spent days absorbing the wisdom from, if you take a gander at his blog, you will instantly reveal the plethora of magical teachings at our disposal. 

Don’t take it for granted, there is a term called hamingja in Old Norse. 

It’s part of our body/mind/soul complex, it increases one’s luck with good actions.

Don’t be a dick and steal Dave’s work via the use of PDF’s.

He gives away plenty to read for free on his website, and if you find it as useful as you should, then you easily will want to support him, instead of stealing from him.

It’s hard enough as a writer working our way through the world, especially with a niche topic, yet alone having to fight off would be friends who help thieves make a living, instead of paying tribute to the actual source themselves, the true authors! 

Instead, report the bastards who do such a thing, otherwise, before you know it, there won’t be any more invaluable resources like Dave provides, because writers simply won’t be able to make a living, if no one supports them. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, I truly hope you get lost over at, and as always, Grasp Fire





Guardian of the Blind

Somewhere Far Beyond

Blind Guardian has long been one of my absolute favourite bands.

They’re German, but more so, they have written a good amount of songs relating to Germanic topics.

That’s enough of an invite for me to write an article about them!


Once, I missed seeing them in concert on my birthday!

Another time, the only time I’ve seen them, a car behind me on the freeway didn’t hit the brakes while on their cell phone.

You guessed it, the car in front of the swerved out of the way, but I got hit.


Thankfully the only thing that got hurt was my car.

We taped the back end up, yes literally, and you bet, we drove our asses to the show, and a damn good one it was at that!


I plan to dissect some lyrics now, that directly relate to Germanic themes one might find in some of the sagas perhaps you read that I suggested in my last post.

TOOMION TOP100: 31. Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle Earth

Nightfall in Middle-Earth, a whole album dedicated to The Silmarillion!

Oh yes, it’s magnificently beautiful, and one of my absolute favourite albums, yet alone concept albums.

They also have songs entitled Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit, two very popular songs they perform, and are very worth listening to, and more folk style, along with a cover song of Uriah Heep called The Wizard).


One of the many masterpieces of Blind Guardian, Valhalla!


Valhalla, realm of the Aesir Gods of Norse Germanic culture.

“I’m the wizard, I will change it all” sang by Kai Hansen (not the whole song, just those lyrics), from Helloween and now Gamma Ray!!!

Which, by the way, PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR 2017/2018, you WILL want to check that out by clicking on either of the bands names above.

You also might want to sit down first if you’re not already because it’s some amazing news to say the least.


“Valhalla – deliverance,

Why’ve you ever forgotten me?”


Ah, those words hit home, for me and fans all across the world!

After seeing them live especially, but even if you never do, watch it on DVD and you get a slight understanding how powerful they are.

How about Skalds and Shadows?

Wikipedia says: “”Skalds and Shadows” is sung from the point of view of an Old Norse Skald with an allusion towards the Saga of the Volsungs (specifically the story of Sigurd and Brunhilde) at the end”


There’s one of the sagas I mentioned in my last blog post, Volsunga Saga!

“Songs I will sing
Of tribes and kings
The carrion bird
And the hall of the slain
Nothing seems real
You soon will feel
The World we live in
Is another skald’s
Dream in the shadows”

With lyrics like that from Skalds and Shadows off Twist in the Myth, if you haven’t bought this album yet, I’m not sure we can be friends.


The pictures alone are worth owning the albums, yet alone the magnificent music.

More recently, the song Valkyries off the album At the Edge of Time has lyrics like this:

A spinning wheel
The path of glory
Round and round
come join us
On your final ride to Asgard
Let’s move on fast
allfather waits
So let’s heed the final call”

There are other grand Germanic bands worthy of checking out.

From Fire + Ice, to Helsott, two of my favourites, the first folk, the second pagan metal, to Amon Amarth (Viking metal) and Waldruna (folk), both very popular of late, and they too have got into the forefront of American pop culture, what with the show Vikings becoming quite popular, it’s great to see artists who truly celebrate the Germanic culture.


There are great Germanic bands out there, worth seeking out!

Do it, and enjoy the rich Germanic culture found within!

You can bet music was very special to our ancestors, and you can also surely bet that I will definitely post more blogs like this, not quite a review, but some love for Germanic artists!


You can also check out some videos I’ve done on YouTube by searching Grasp Fire, and I would love some comments. What are some of your favourite Germanic artists? Feel free to send me an email,


Vikings fan?

Fan of Vikings, the show?

Well then, this may be the right place for you.

Today I plan to introduce you to plenty of reading which may have eluded you, which directly relates to Vikings, Norse and Icelandic Sagas!

Of course, they had to pull their information from some literary source, as do most films and television.

I can also point you to a few films which might catch your attention, in case you don’t prefer reading, so I’ll get that out of the way first.

Outlaw: The Saga of Gisli, which you can also read first if you would like, and might actually be recommended as otherwise it can be a bit confusing., from when the last link I just shared came from, is an excellent source for reading sagas at, and it’s free.

However, if you are able, they are open to donations, and that’s how the fine folks can continue upkeep of their site, and bringing us the spoils of the plunder, so please feel free.

Are you a fan of The Hobbit, or Lord of The Rings?

Well, J.R.R. Tolkien was incredibly well read in the tales of our ancestors, he translated books and gave lectures.

You can bet that Smaug the dragon was indeed highly inspired by my favourite saga, and considered by many the quintessential Germanic saga, that’s right I’m talking about Volsunga Saga!

If you’re like me and prefer a physical copy, you can also obtain one.

This is also the saga which inspired the name of my website and book, Grasp Fire, but again, I won’t give away anything for folks who haven’t read it yet, because I do come across that often.

Need more reasons?

Draugr, maybe you’re a fan of Skyrim, and have heard the name?

Well yes, if you read my last blog, they too came from the sagas!

Witchcraft, heroes, kings, queens, Gods, Goddesses, runes, mead, dragons!

Mead is a favourite drink of All-father Odhinn, and mine!

It’s good hot, or room temperature.

Most that I have spoken to prefer it room temperature, as for me, well usually I only have a shot before meditation, or drink it from my drinking horn.

Truth be told though, if I’m lucky enough, I prefer a glass warm with spices, as I have a room temperature glass at the same time!

It’s not very high alcohol content, two glasses won’t give me a buzz, but it’s still a nice feeling, and great tasting stuff.

Although I don’t drink for a buzz myself, everyone’s tolerance to alcohol is different, so do be careful before attempting two glasses yourself.

That being said, let me explain the word Óðr courtesy of Norse Mythology for Smart People:  (Óðr is generally translated as something along the lines of “divine inspiration” or “inspired mental activity.”)

* Odin in eagle form obtaining the mead of poetry from Gunnlod, with Suttung in the background (detail of the Stora Hammars III runestone)

I can see why mead seems to be representative of inspiration, and that’s precisely the reason I prefer a shot before meditation, or performing a blot, certainly a customary drink of our ancestors! 

This link will inform you of what I speak, the divine mead of poetry which Odhinn does seek!

I hear it’s not very difficult to brew yourself, and there’s plenty of resources, as well as materials online.

Sadly, you might have to look around for mead, as not everyone carries it, but if they do, it will be in the wine section, unless you get lucky enough to have a meadery nearby, which is quite possible!

Well worth seeking out, drink what Odhinn drinks, as well as our ancestors, and on Vikings!

If you can’t find mead, you can always order it online, just like most things these days.

Some folks are lucky enough to have a meadery, where you can find many local meads of various flavours.

As for me, I very much look forward to trying me some huckleberry mead!

My favourite so far is just good ol’ honey, but I’ve had conversations, and seen pictures of all types of mead, made from various fruits.

I would love to get some engaging conversations going in the comments section, whether it be about making mead yourself, the sagas, Vikings, Heathenism, or whatever might be on your mind.

I do ask that we have some sort of order, although I think I’m much more lenient than a lot of folks nowadays, which could get me into trouble 😉

Thanks for reading, and, as always, Grasp Fire!

* Photo courtesy of Norse Mythology for Smart People!



Undead Captivation

I have been captivated by vampyres (yes with a y) and the undead since a very early age.

I distinctly recall believing with all my heart that vampyres and other monsters lived before recorded history.

I also believed that rain came from the ground, and went up to the sky.

Hey, I was not yet five years old.

Yes, I have vivid memories from very early on, in fact my first memory was before I was one (keep that in mind, parents).

Vampyres, or similar undead creatures, have been a huge topic of interest for many, many cultures throughout time.

Whether you’ve heard about ancient Sumeria, perhaps via Ancient Aliens, a favourite show of mine, or perhaps you’ve read about draugar via Jacqueline Simpson in a more Germanic context.

Yes, this is where Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) got their idea.

I very much look forward to reading Michael H. Kelly’s book Dread Souls, which delves into the topic  of the undead from an interesting perspective, a fantastic author.

You can also find Michael at Patreonwhich is a wonderful way to support an author!

That being said, some of my favourite undead/vampyre films/shows in no particular order are: Interview with a VampireUnderworld (I can only vouch for the first two in the series), Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula,  True Blood (mixed feelings), Let the Right One In (don’t bother with the English remake, make sure you watch the Swedish original), The Lost BoysBram Stoker’s DraculaSubspecies (a little corny-ish, I actually really enjoyed the second one, haven’t seen the first yet, but I plan on it!).

I’ll stop there, since I’m not really trying to make this a list, but I will delve into the very few books I’ve read, which are: Interview with a Vampire (highly recommended, personally), The Vampire Lestat (also grand), and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (superb).

Besides that, I’ve read a good bit of fan fiction writing on vampyres, and a lot of myths, legends, so on, and so forth.

I recently joined goodreads, which is a great site for authors and readers alike!

I’m very much enjoying being there and interacting with good folks.

The main reason I bring that up is because I immediately joined My Vampire Book Obsession, one of the many groups you can join there at goodreads.

For you book nerds, fans of a genre or author, goodreads is a great place to actually (potentially) interact with a lot of authors, or other good folks who share similar interests.

This was a novel idea to me (no pun intended?) because I tell you what, after publishing Grasp Fire, I began to realize interacting with folks is the ONLY way for an author to potentially thrive in this world where we have so much information thrown at us that we couldn’t possibly avoid it unless we lived in a forest without electricity. (Not a bad idea)

Anyways, vampyres are awesome creatures.

Living dead, right there I’m sold.

Immortality, no early mornings, no bothering with the heat anymore, except for that cramped coffin that seems to be a staple for our beloved undead creatures of the night. Speaking of which, how many cool nicknames do vampyres get!

Creatures of the night, ‘count’ me in!

The “rules” vary slightly from book to book, mythology to mythology, but they usually share some of the same traits listed depending, I.E. crucifix, coffin, mirrors, hell even sometimes sun is up for debate.

If you didn’t know, some cultures would have a rope tied to the recently deceased, with a bell that would warn people if they were trying to rise from their graves… Seemingly at least.

I’ve read some compelling modern stories about folks coming back to life, after “being dead”.

Books/movies like Twilight take away from the older films and stories, with little to no occult references (that I’m aware of), and shining in the sunlight doesn’t do it for me.

While Bram Stoker’s tale was essential romantic, it certainly focused on the nec-romantic parts a lot more.

They have no respect for the mythology of vampyres. Read up on good ol’ Bram Stoker. He uses actual history (The Impaler Vlad Tepes, “real Dracula”).

I would gladly take The Munsters over Twilight any day of the week. Subspecies might be corny, but at least it’s dark, has some Occult aspect, it’s eerie, frightening, makes you feel like potentially sleeping with the lights on, things that a vampyre film or book should do.

Twilight was just a cheesy teenage story that got out of hand.

I read the first book, while being better than the film, still wasn’t that great, to me at least.

Obviously a lot of folks digested it somehow.

I tried, but as big a fan as I am of horror movies, and vampyre film and literature, I couldn’t get into it.

Elizabeth Bathory is another historical figure worth looking up if you’re not familiar.

Bands like Venom have made a song about her, and there’s even a band named Bathory, both of which have arguments for being at least amongst the top black metal bands.

If you want to hear about some Norse tales of draugar, I suggest you check out this link from

Weird Web Radio which is a great website dedicated to paranormal stories, well worth a listen!

Christopher Alan Smith, featured in that podcast interview, is a fantastic author.

I enjoy his daily stories on Facebook very much, and he has a book called Icelandic Magic: Aims, tools and techniques of the Icelandic sorcerers.

Christopher talks about the ordeals a magician might encounter if wanting to conjure up a draugr.

While I can tell you it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, it sure makes for a good listen!

I will surely post another blog about our beloved nocturnal creatures, perhaps focusing more on draugar, or The Impaler, or the ‘Blood Countess’ Elizabeth Bathory.

For now, I think I’ve said enough, and will leave it as a general post about vampyres and the undead in general.

Thanks for reading, and Grasp Fire!




Today’s blog post is about consumption.

Consumption of wisdom, that is.

One might think the faster, and the more you read, the more you absorb, and the wiser you shall become, more quickly.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not how it works, although there is certainly nothing wrong with reading a lot. It’s more the quick part I am talking about, and taking enough time to absorb, and to use, what you have read.

Slow down.

We live in a world of “instant gratification”.

People don’t want to wait in line.

We are so spoiled by our cell phones delivering us volumes of books that we would otherwise have had to collect over a lifetime, that we don’t appreciate what is before us, in our pockets!

No, I am not being perverted, I’m talking about your phone still, although they can also take someone down other roads if that’s what you seek.

No, I’m not going there though, maybe someday.

Anyhow, what I do mean is that last night I was reading the splendid book Norse Goddess Magic, by Alice Karlsdottir, who, to quote her website which you can find by clicking her name, “Alice Karlsdóttir is a writer, actor, and musician. Her long-time involvement with Scandinavian mythology and folklore influences her work.”

I have listened to all her radio interviews I am aware of which can be found at YouTube, and always find her to be enlightening, and so very relaxing, that it’s quite enjoyable to listen to them over, and over.

Even more so when the interviewers read her book first and keep the questions on topic.

Imagine that.

What I read from her book was the chapter on Eir, the Norse Goddess of healing, and how when Tyr sacrificed his hand so the Gods could secure and bind the great wolf Fenrir, that Eir attended to his wounds.

Really, that doesn’t give justice to her book, and you need to check it out to fully embrace why it had such a profound effect on me.

No, we don’t need to speed up the process of learning, we just need to stay true to ourselves, stick to our guns, take one step at a time, and surely, eventually, we will find ourselves atop the mountain of wisdom that we sought from below.

Where once seemed like an impossible feat, has now become reality.

So it is!

If you’re new to meditation, yoga, learning the runes, magic, studying the paths of your ancestors, take your time.

Don’t rush it, instead embrace it, find all the ways you can to truly be at one with yourself, and your ancestors!

They are speaking to us, if only we would take the time out of our busy lives to slow down for a minute and listen.

All the answers you seek are right in front of your nose, and this time I don’t mean your cell phone, although that too can enable you to find some good reads, if only you seek them out, instead of being spoon-fed or giving up.

Perseverance is the key, in anything we do!

Just like me trying to write a blog a day or around there, eventually, it will take off!

So too can your spiritual learning, your readings, your ability to stretch a little more to fully attain that yoga pose you’ve been trying.

If you push yourself too far, you will strain your muscles, so instead wait, do the yoga poses you can for now, stretch a little tiny bit further every day, and just wait, soon enough you’ll find yourself reaching your goal.

It’s so much more worthwhile that way too, when a single paragraph from a book, like Alice’s, can fill your whole day, or week even, with thoughts that inspire poetry, songs, or just dance in your little head, and fill your face with a smile.

It’s good to take things one step at a time.