Undead Captivation

I have been captivated by vampyres (yes with a y) and the undead since a very early age.

I distinctly recall believing with all my heart that vampyres and other monsters lived before recorded history.

I also believed that rain came from the ground, and went up to the sky.

Hey, I was not yet five years old.

Yes, I have vivid memories from very early on, in fact my first memory was before I was one (keep that in mind, parents).

Vampyres, or similar undead creatures, have been a huge topic of interest for many, many cultures throughout time.

Whether you’ve heard about ancient Sumeria, perhaps via Ancient Aliens, a favourite show of mine, or perhaps you’ve read about draugar via Jacqueline Simpson in a more Germanic context.

Yes, this is where Elder Scrolls (Skyrim) got their idea.

I very much look forward to reading Michael H. Kelly’s book Dread Souls, which delves into the topic  of the undead from an interesting perspective, a fantastic author.

You can also find Michael at Patreonwhich is a wonderful way to support an author!

That being said, some of my favourite undead/vampyre films/shows in no particular order are: Interview with a VampireUnderworld (I can only vouch for the first two in the series), Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula,  True Blood (mixed feelings), Let the Right One In (don’t bother with the English remake, make sure you watch the Swedish original), The Lost BoysBram Stoker’s DraculaSubspecies (a little corny-ish, I actually really enjoyed the second one, haven’t seen the first yet, but I plan on it!).

I’ll stop there, since I’m not really trying to make this a list, but I will delve into the very few books I’ve read, which are: Interview with a Vampire (highly recommended, personally), The Vampire Lestat (also grand), and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (superb).

Besides that, I’ve read a good bit of fan fiction writing on vampyres, and a lot of myths, legends, so on, and so forth.

I recently joined goodreads, which is a great site for authors and readers alike!

I’m very much enjoying being there and interacting with good folks.

The main reason I bring that up is because I immediately joined My Vampire Book Obsession, one of the many groups you can join there at goodreads.

For you book nerds, fans of a genre or author, goodreads is a great place to actually (potentially) interact with a lot of authors, or other good folks who share similar interests.

This was a novel idea to me (no pun intended?) because I tell you what, after publishing Grasp Fire, I began to realize interacting with folks is the ONLY way for an author to potentially thrive in this world where we have so much information thrown at us that we couldn’t possibly avoid it unless we lived in a forest without electricity. (Not a bad idea)

Anyways, vampyres are awesome creatures.

Living dead, right there I’m sold.

Immortality, no early mornings, no bothering with the heat anymore, except for that cramped coffin that seems to be a staple for our beloved undead creatures of the night. Speaking of which, how many cool nicknames do vampyres get!

Creatures of the night, ‘count’ me in!

The “rules” vary slightly from book to book, mythology to mythology, but they usually share some of the same traits listed depending, I.E. crucifix, coffin, mirrors, hell even sometimes sun is up for debate.

If you didn’t know, some cultures would have a rope tied to the recently deceased, with a bell that would warn people if they were trying to rise from their graves… Seemingly at least.

I’ve read some compelling modern stories about folks coming back to life, after “being dead”.

Books/movies like Twilight take away from the older films and stories, with little to no occult references (that I’m aware of), and shining in the sunlight doesn’t do it for me.

While Bram Stoker’s tale was essential romantic, it certainly focused on the nec-romantic parts a lot more.

They have no respect for the mythology of vampyres. Read up on good ol’ Bram Stoker. He uses actual history (The Impaler Vlad Tepes, “real Dracula”).

I would gladly take The Munsters over Twilight any day of the week. Subspecies might be corny, but at least it’s dark, has some Occult aspect, it’s eerie, frightening, makes you feel like potentially sleeping with the lights on, things that a vampyre film or book should do.

Twilight was just a cheesy teenage story that got out of hand.

I read the first book, while being better than the film, still wasn’t that great, to me at least.

Obviously a lot of folks digested it somehow.

I tried, but as big a fan as I am of horror movies, and vampyre film and literature, I couldn’t get into it.

Elizabeth Bathory is another historical figure worth looking up if you’re not familiar.

Bands like Venom have made a song about her, and there’s even a band named Bathory, both of which have arguments for being at least amongst the top black metal bands.

If you want to hear about some Norse tales of draugar, I suggest you check out this link from

Weird Web Radio which is a great website dedicated to paranormal stories, well worth a listen!

Christopher Alan Smith, featured in that podcast interview, is a fantastic author.

I enjoy his daily stories on Facebook very much, and he has a book called Icelandic Magic: Aims, tools and techniques of the Icelandic sorcerers.

Christopher talks about the ordeals a magician might encounter if wanting to conjure up a draugr.

While I can tell you it’s certainly not for the faint of heart, it sure makes for a good listen!

I will surely post another blog about our beloved nocturnal creatures, perhaps focusing more on draugar, or The Impaler, or the ‘Blood Countess’ Elizabeth Bathory.

For now, I think I’ve said enough, and will leave it as a general post about vampyres and the undead in general.

Thanks for reading, and Grasp Fire!


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