Guardian of the Blind

Somewhere Far Beyond

Blind Guardian has long been one of my absolute favourite bands.

They’re German, but more so, they have written a good amount of songs relating to Germanic topics.

That’s enough of an invite for me to write an article about them!


Once, I missed seeing them in concert on my birthday!

Another time, the only time I’ve seen them, a car behind me on the freeway didn’t hit the brakes while on their cell phone.

You guessed it, the car in front of the swerved out of the way, but I got hit.


Thankfully the only thing that got hurt was my car.

We taped the back end up, yes literally, and you bet, we drove our asses to the show, and a damn good one it was at that!


I plan to dissect some lyrics now, that directly relate to Germanic themes one might find in some of the sagas perhaps you read that I suggested in my last post.

TOOMION TOP100: 31. Blind Guardian – Nightfall in Middle Earth

Nightfall in Middle-Earth, a whole album dedicated to The Silmarillion!

Oh yes, it’s magnificently beautiful, and one of my absolute favourite albums, yet alone concept albums.

They also have songs entitled Lord of the Rings, and The Hobbit, two very popular songs they perform, and are very worth listening to, and more folk style, along with a cover song of Uriah Heep called The Wizard).


One of the many masterpieces of Blind Guardian, Valhalla!


Valhalla, realm of the Aesir Gods of Norse Germanic culture.

“I’m the wizard, I will change it all” sang by Kai Hansen (not the whole song, just those lyrics), from Helloween and now Gamma Ray!!!

Which, by the way, PUMPKINS UNITED WORLD TOUR 2017/2018, you WILL want to check that out by clicking on either of the bands names above.

You also might want to sit down first if you’re not already because it’s some amazing news to say the least.


“Valhalla – deliverance,

Why’ve you ever forgotten me?”


Ah, those words hit home, for me and fans all across the world!

After seeing them live especially, but even if you never do, watch it on DVD and you get a slight understanding how powerful they are.

How about Skalds and Shadows?

Wikipedia says: “”Skalds and Shadows” is sung from the point of view of an Old Norse Skald with an allusion towards the Saga of the Volsungs (specifically the story of Sigurd and Brunhilde) at the end”


There’s one of the sagas I mentioned in my last blog post, Volsunga Saga!

“Songs I will sing
Of tribes and kings
The carrion bird
And the hall of the slain
Nothing seems real
You soon will feel
The World we live in
Is another skald’s
Dream in the shadows”

With lyrics like that from Skalds and Shadows off Twist in the Myth, if you haven’t bought this album yet, I’m not sure we can be friends.


The pictures alone are worth owning the albums, yet alone the magnificent music.

More recently, the song Valkyries off the album At the Edge of Time has lyrics like this:

A spinning wheel
The path of glory
Round and round
come join us
On your final ride to Asgard
Let’s move on fast
allfather waits
So let’s heed the final call”

There are other grand Germanic bands worthy of checking out.

From Fire + Ice, to Helsott, two of my favourites, the first folk, the second pagan metal, to Amon Amarth (Viking metal) and Waldruna (folk), both very popular of late, and they too have got into the forefront of American pop culture, what with the show Vikings becoming quite popular, it’s great to see artists who truly celebrate the Germanic culture.


There are great Germanic bands out there, worth seeking out!

Do it, and enjoy the rich Germanic culture found within!

You can bet music was very special to our ancestors, and you can also surely bet that I will definitely post more blogs like this, not quite a review, but some love for Germanic artists!


You can also check out some videos I’ve done on YouTube by searching Grasp Fire, and I would love some comments. What are some of your favourite Germanic artists? Feel free to send me an email,


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