I have practiced meditation since I was about 15 years old, but not until connected breathwork did I truly begin to know, synchronicity. 

Countless nights I could be found outside, in the dark, laying on my driveway, on three acres, only to wake up with numerous bites of all sizes, from no telling what kind of spiders or other bugs.

I hadn’t noticed, but the next morning when I was itchy, I did.

I lucked out that I hadn’t been bitten by a deadly scorpion or black widow, to my knowledge, but it’s good to get back to nature, and if you believe in karma, fate, ‘when it’s your time, it’s your time’, Wyrd, or any of that then it doesn’t matter anyways, and you should live your life to the fullest, with regards to repercussions for your actions, and how they could potentially affect others.

That all being said, after 15 years of meditation, I finally stumbled upon connected breathwork, and am fortunate enough to have taken 10 separate hour-long classes with a masterful teacher of the art, the esteemed Dave Lee.

You would think after such a long time having practiced meditation, at such great intervals of time, that there wouldn’t be much left to learn.

After all, it’s “just” breathing, and I had no trouble meditating for prolonged periods of time.

I didn’t need any work, my skills didn’t need sharpening, and yet this new artform of connected breathwork was something I hadn’t tried, and I heard many good things about.

I simply had to try.

After one class, I was blown away.

All these years of meditation was in preparation for this moment.

I haven’t enough words to describe to you how beneficial connected breathwork can be for someone.

You can read all the testimonials on Dave’s website yet you really won’t know how profound of an experience it is until you’ve tried it for yourself.

Even having spent 10 hours learning from him, I would love to have another session any day, as I assure you it’s severally beneficial, and I had profound experiences that helped me grow immensely.

Now Dave lives in England, and unfortunately, I’ve yet to make that trek, though I would absolutely love to, to say the least.

No, but I was lucky enough to engage with Dave via Skype.

I’m not sure he offers Skype sessions anymore, as I don’t see that option on his website, luckily for you though he has Connect Your Breath! available on the topic, but you can contact him to find out if he might make an exception for Skype as he did with me. 

Life Force, David Lee

While I haven’t read Life Force yet, I have read another of his books entitled Bright From The Well, and anyone whom is interested in the Norse Sagas, great literature, fiction, storytelling, magic, rune poems, or anything Germanic related, absolutely must have this book.

Bright From the Well’ consists of five stories plus five essays and a rune-poem.

The stories revolve around themes from Norse myth- the marriage of Frey and Gerd, the story of how Gullveig-Heidh reveals her powers to the gods, a modern take on the social-origins myth Rig’s Tale, Loki attending a pagan pub moot and the Ragnarok seen through the yes of an ancient shaman.

The essays include examination of the Norse creation or origins story, of the magician in or against the world and a chaoist’s magical experiences looked at from the standpoint of Northern magic.”


From a Germanic standpoint in fact, I would suggest this book overall, unless you have an interest in connected breathwork, then I suggest both.

Even having had taken classes from Dave, I still can’t wait to read his new book, because there’s always something more one can learn, and I guarantee you, Dave is one of the best authors I’ve ever read.

That’s not all the writing I have read from Dave Lee, I also have read his book on Wealth Magic, and his blog.

I suggest his website for numerous reasons.

Firstly, he teaches connected breathwork techniques.

Also, he shares experiences others have had taking classes with him, and connected breathwork isn’t the only lessons he has to teach.

I aspire to be as talented a writer as he someday, his blog is mightily entertaining for several reasons.

Whether he writes about his traveling excursions to Ireland for a two-day walk, he shares stories from a magician who passed away who shares about using teddy bears for magical purposes, or his many in-depth book reviews, from chaos magic, to fantasy, to psychedelic reviews, there are no shortage of good reads.

In fact I spent many days reading through his blog posts, and I assure you there is much wisdom to be gained by doing so, plus as I’ve mentioned it’s highly entertaining, even if you have no interest in magic, because he’s that well written. 

He recently did an overhaul to his website, and it’s beautiful, and just in time for his latest book, Life Force Sensed Energy in Breathwork, Psychedelia and Chaos Magic, which is equally aesthetically pleasing.

Speaking of aesthetics, Dave also gives tips on what colours to use for certain magical purposes, such as wealth magic.

A Rune Song Worshop, well worth checking out for anyone reading that I know are heavily interested in runes, bind runes, and galdr! 

A very touching and equally practical article Dave wrote about Philip Harper who has sadly passed away, but can still teach us from beyond by making use of his writings.

So when I told you that I literally spent days absorbing the wisdom from, if you take a gander at his blog, you will instantly reveal the plethora of magical teachings at our disposal. 

Don’t take it for granted, there is a term called hamingja in Old Norse. 

It’s part of our body/mind/soul complex, it increases one’s luck with good actions.

Don’t be a dick and steal Dave’s work via the use of PDF’s.

He gives away plenty to read for free on his website, and if you find it as useful as you should, then you easily will want to support him, instead of stealing from him.

It’s hard enough as a writer working our way through the world, especially with a niche topic, yet alone having to fight off would be friends who help thieves make a living, instead of paying tribute to the actual source themselves, the true authors! 

Instead, report the bastards who do such a thing, otherwise, before you know it, there won’t be any more invaluable resources like Dave provides, because writers simply won’t be able to make a living, if no one supports them. 

Hope you enjoyed reading, I truly hope you get lost over at, and as always, Grasp Fire





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