It is here I shall detail the ongoing process of Grasp Fire, my first poetry book, and first publication of many, I hope, as I have much in the works!

Being that I’ve chosen Grasp Fire for my first book name, I also chose to make it my home on this connected web of internet that brings folks together, close and far.

I plan to build this website using all my own pictures, artwork, philosophical thoughts, and of course poetry, albeit from my current book, future works, or perhaps poems I don’t plan to publish at all.

So far I have spent a good deal of time doing research. Luckily I have had the chance of knowing other authors who have gone through these or similar steps along the path of becoming an author for the first time, and that assuredly has saved me some time. Nonetheless, I will tell you, it has been a great deal of time put into slightly editing my poetry, firstly, then formatting it, debating what art to use for the cover, choosing a graphic designer to put it together for me, how many pages I wanted it to be, and then you always have unexpected things happen. For example, I was going to use 8.5×11, but 6×9 was suggested for a poetry book, so now the pages I had intended have changed dramatically, from 72 pages, to what I assume will end up to be more towards 150 or so pages.

Right now, I am finishing up the formatting, actually I’m adding page numbers to the bottom of every page, changing the fonts, since I decided to go with PDF format, which is much easier to work with for font choice and size of font. Then that will tell me my final page count, I will give the finalized artwork and page count to my graphic designer, and it will take him a few days to put it all together for me.

So I assume by next Monday I’m hoping it will be all put together, at which point I will change the front of my website to reflect the book cover, and really get going with advertising as I have a “final product” to show, instead of just a theoretical one, since no one can see it physically now. With artwork finalized, it will be something to see, but I am waiting until April 30th to actually release Grasp Fire.

Why, you ask? Well, my friends, I am big on honouring my ancestors, and that is when Spring has officially sprung! We have had some good rains this year thankfully, flowers are blooming, rabbits are dancing in the field, with snakes, and coyotes under the moon and sun. Let’s dance with them in joyous unison, instead of living out of sync with nature! It is very important, honour your ancestors, however you see fit! It’s time to break down the disconnect we have with ourselves and nature. Go play in the dirt, plant some flowers, splash in mud puddles, remember your loved ones here and who have passed, for they are never gone, do not forget them!

Update: I have been spending what free time I have updating the website. The wheels are turning!

3/22/17- I will be done with editing Grasp Fire tonight, then all I need is the art! On pace for April 30th!

Just finished, in the wee hours. Looks like Grasp Fire will be over 150 pages, seeing that I went from 8.5×11, to the recommended 6×9, the standard size for a poetry book.

I have so much more respect for all the hard work that goes into editing a book. To think, I already had all this written. I now understand why an author has to get away for a few months to write a book, or perhaps even longer! Good grief, but what a good feeling to be done! At least with that leg of it 😀

Grasp Fire was mostly written in 2007, except for two poems that I added from 2017. I’m already piecing together poems for my second book, which I’ve chosen a title for, and I want to be all new poems since it’s fitting into a certain theme, which I won’t reveal until it’s published, unless of course you might be able to guess, but only if you happened to know which ones I am using, since I post poetry on my site in the Fluctuating Breath section. They say it’s easier to write your second book, I can assure you it will be much easier to edit, since I have already done the research! If you’re going to write a book of any sort, I highly suggest you read a good deal about it first, from various sources. I will say writing and editing Grasp Fire was both easier and more time consuming than I thought it would be, so in that sense I can see why they say it’s easier to publish your second book. Although this one is all new content I haven’t written yet, I write poetry nearly everyday, when I’m in a creative phase, if you will. I’m experimenting with YouTube videos, and will share once I deem it worthwhile enough to do so, but I am having fun sharing among friends, and more so the conversations that have come from sharing. Man is man’s best friend, it’s good to have good company! As Jim Morrison said, “A feast of friends.”


I’ve launched my YouTube channel, started an Indiegogo campaign, and am all ready to go! Looking forward to the day when I can reveal some of my cover art. I’m still not sure if I want to reveal all of it until very near the publication date, because mystery creates desire, which is why everyone loves or hates getting a present. Anticipation, not knowing what to expect, such is life! Life is a gift, enjoy it, it’s the most sacred gift one could have. As long as you have life, you have everything you could ever need! Make the most of every moment! I cannot wait to hold my first book in my hands, it will be a great moment indeed!

Hopefully by Mid-April I will have a page on Amazon advertising Grasp Fire! For now, just reaching out to people. I’m a fan as much as I am an artist, and meeting others who have similar interests, whatever that may be, is well worth the price of admission on this crazy journey called life! It’s good to have kin, wherever you may be, scattered throughout the land as we are! 


4/10/17 UPDATE: Just about ready to have the cover art sent to the incredible graphic designer, then Grasp Fire should be available from Ingram Spark hopefully next week, to start shipping on April 30th!


Okay technically I’m not being a cocky bastard by bragging about this, since I didn’t do the art… but my cover is about to be unveiled, and it’s gonna be (is already) really freaking awesome!!! Very much look forward to updating my website massively as the day comes, although I would be more excited in Europe with a giant fire wheel for Walpurgisnacht, still, very excited indeed!!! 


4/21 Update: Waiting game. Turned Grasp Fire into Ingram Spark, will find out in 1-2 days if I pass “visual inspection.” Very excited!!!

4/24 Update: Randomly checked my email for something else, I swear (figuring it was too late to get the email from Ingram Spark)… lo and behold, I have been approved!!! Grasp Fire will be on sale as scheduled, 27th pre-sale, 30th shipping (available through Ingram Sparks, at fine book retailers, or online).

4/27 Update: Barnes & Noble officially was the first to put Grasp Fire on sale, Amazon too now as of midnight 4/27! So I did it, on schedule, literally finished with a few days to spare, technically two days before it went on sale. This page will be just for book updates for Grasp Fire, otherwise I will make a blog posting on the homepage. With future works, I will either post them on or make a new website with that book title (my intention, not sure I want to maintain more than two websites though).

5/29/17 Update: Well it’s been about a month since publishing. I have some fan pictures to post shortly.