Helsott, The Healer.


I put on The Healer, and listened to it three times through.

It has an old school metal feel that a lot of folks crave.

Catchy, yet brutal, eerily haunting.

Since Beethoven and Bach, music, like the poetry of our ancestors, gives a nod, an ode to the greats.

This is true with The Healer.

At times, I could sense a feel of Iced Earth, Slayer, Morbid Angel, the great Iron Maiden, and even Motley Crue during one song (which is an Iron Butterfly cover, so I should say Iron Butterfly’s influence that I noticed in Motley Crue, shining through in Helsott, another example of the nod to other great musicianship).

It gave me the feel of Bad Boy Boogie or Rattlesnake Shake gave me, the first time, and every time after. A kick ass rock ‘n’ roll feeling that one can never get enough of!

If you’re looking for an old school metal album that’s rocking, brutal, and groovy as Hel, you’re in luck because this is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!

Brutal vocals, that are easy to understand, haunting back-up vocals, amazing guitar that seems to play a brilliant solo every time the bridge is groovy and hooks you in.

A fan of Pagan Metal? You’re in luck, because if you read the lyrics,

you will see that time was put into researching the lore of our ancestors!

When a solo ends, you get deep, brutal guttural screams, then hammered with heavy, yet extremely groovy and catchy rhythm that will carry you away, to the next solo.

The percussion (drums and bass) are brutal, yet groovy, carrying the flow of the music throughout The Healer, keeping your head rocking all the way!

A perfect compliment to the guitar.

The vocals, as I briefly mentioned, are just how I imagine someone likes them, powerful, brutal, yet you can hear the words, especially if you’re accustomed to death or black metal vocals.

Need more convincing?

Listen to the song on YouTube, entitled The Healer, or check out their older music videos.

I almost guarantee you go out, buy the EP, any album you can get your hands on, and maybe some merch if you’re lucky enough to be in that situation financially.

If not, you’ll go get a better job, just so that you can!

Yes it’s that good. Must have metal!

Lucky enough to be in Europe?

Well Helsott is embarking on their first European tour with I Am Morbid and Necrophagia, go check them out!

In America, check out their website, and have no fear, they have dates scheduled shortly!

They have some live footage as well, and I’ve read some great reviews of their concerts!

An absolutely must-have album, from a band that has just been signed to M-Theory Audio and has a glorious future ahead of them!

Check them out at helsott.com, you can check out M-Theory Audio and their awesome line-up of bands, as well as purchase Helsott at https://www.m-theoryaudio.com/.